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Кооперация "Галатея-Варна"

бул. "Христо Ботев" 1

9000 Варна

e-mail: office@galateabg.com

тел.: 0898 601 157

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Production of Bulgarian national clothing (Bulgarian national costumes)

Cooperative Galatea-Varna has kept the tradition of producing quality authentic Bulgarian national apparel, and it is one of the largest, most experienced and highly qualified manufacturers of such clothing in Bulgaria.

There are made all kinds of men’s, women’s and children’s Bulgarian folk garments, and besides whole costumes there is also offered the making of single costume components – shirts, sleeveless jackets, full-bottomed breeches, fur caps, belts, leggings, hooded cloaks, pinafore dresses, aprons, kerchieves, headdresses, embroidered stockings, etc.

Besides authentic styles of all ethnic regions of the country, there are also manufactured modified versions of the same, i.e. ones conformable to customer’s requirements and preferences.

Along with the services of making Bulgarian national costumes, Cooperative Galatea-Varna also offers costume rentals, for example for participation in festivals, assemblies or other events.  

The embroidery of each garment made is unique in itself, as it is made on a special manually controlled machine, not the computer controlled one.


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